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About Chuda

The birth place of Shree Harekrushna Maharaj, His Highness Lt. Joravarsinhji, Middle age poet Prittam and poet Min-piyasi, cartoonist Sunny, Chuda is a perfect example of secularism.

Here Muslims sing garba and hindu’s dhavash decorates muslims Tazia; muslims play the percussionist role in the Shiv temple. Water is a scarcity here, but scarcity of water never could beat the flow of spirit among people. The soil is barren because of black stones but the hearts of people are can challenge stones to stand for a better life.

Situated on the bank of Vasana, 10-km away from National Highway – 8A, 6-km away from the railway station, Chuda is placed in a serene outset of Kankanpur.

The holiness of the place is almost all-pervading because of the presence of the temple of Ramnath, Bhootnath, Fuleshwar, Chatrabhuj, Butbhavani ….. and much more.

Harikrishna Maharaj

Harikrishna Maharaj

Poet Minpiyasi


Prittam Swami


Jorawarsinhji Sanskrit Pathshala